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An InnoVision investment account that’s right for you

InnoVision’s investment accounts offer a variety of risk. The four categories are:

Fixed Interest Accounts Balanced Index Accounts Indexed Accounts Managed Accounts

The Fixed Interest Accounts offer the least risk.
These accounts include Guaranteed Interest Accounts and Portfolio Average Accounts. You should consider keeping some of your money in these accounts to cover your monthly insurance costs. See the section Ongoing management of your investments.

The Balanced Index Accounts offer a hands-off approach to investing. Three of these accounts are based on a blend of investment returns of indices and Fixed Interest Accounts and only one interest rate is reported for each account. A fourth account, the Economic Trends Balanced Index Account, is unique within this category. The mix in this account is managed by experts to fit with economic trends. The result is an account mix that is actively managed for you – but not by you.

The Indexed and Managed Accounts offer the
highest level of risk in InnoVision – but also the potential for the highest returns. The next section tells you more about these accounts.

A complete list of all of the accounts available within InnoVision is available at the back of this guide.
And you can get the most current details about all of InnoVision’s accounts on our universal life website: and select “How are My Investments Doing?”

Indexed Accounts vs Managed Accounts

Our Indexed Accounts and Managed Accounts fit the same mid- to high-risk range. So how do you know what to choose?

Indexed Accounts

Our Indexed Accounts are investments with the potential for high long-term growth, but also for negative returns if the market indices they are based on decrease. Many of these accounts are also affected by fluctuations in the Canadian dollar.

Indexed Accounts track the investment performance of an underlying index, such as the S&P/TSX 60.

Pick an Indexed Account if you:

Want a portfolio with a “passive” approach to investing. There is no attempt to outperform the index using traditional “active” money management techniques that speculate on individual stocks or industry sectors.

Managed Accounts

If you enjoy selecting and monitoring your investments, InnoVision also offers a wide selection of investment accounts that credit interest linked to the performance of an associated mutual fund.

Choose Managed Accounts if you:

Are knowledgeable about investing or have a relationship with a financial advisor

Would like to tie your policy’s performance to a particular fund or fund manager

Believe that active management will perform better than an index

Additional details about InnoVision Managed Accounts are available at the back of this guide.

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